Snow Day!

January 31, 2008

Knee deep in snow

Knee deep in snow knitting.

I’ve surfed the blogs.
Meandered through ravelry.
And am knitting the day away.

What a way to spend the day!


Brett’s B’day Socks

January 20, 2008
Brett's B'day Socks
These will be the third pair of B’day socks I’ve knit for my step-sister. It started six years ago on Thanksgiving when Brett forgot to pack socks. My mom lent her some silly socks to wear and ever since that Thanksgiving Brett has received silly socks from my mother for every holiday and birthday. I’ve joined in on the sock giving be knitting her socks. I need to get cracking on these. They need to be in the mail by the first of February.

A is for

January 19, 2008
A is for audio
I’m so glad I finally bought an mp3 player. I’ve enjoyed it so much.  Mostly, I’ve been listening to book downloaded from LibriVox. I’ve listened to many of Jane Austen’s books, getting ready for the PBS Masterpiece airing of the movies. I’m a little behind but that is what the weekend is for.
Happy Knitting

Socktoberfest FOs

November 3, 2007

I finished two socks during Socktoberfest. Yeah!

PotamtomusPattern: Pomatomus
Yarn: Koigu
Needles: 1.5 US
Notes: I was a little worried about the number of stitches cast on. I would have thought the sock would be too loose. I just forged ahead and it turned out just right. I wasn’t sure how to do the yarn over with a purl stitch next but just winged it, trying different ways each time.
I love the yarn with this pattern. I’m glad I choose this yarn instead of the solid indigo Nature’s Palette in my stash. The variegated yarn works well with this pattern.

Heidi's socksHeidi’s Socks
Pattern: Toe-up with Magic cast-on.
Needle: 1.5 US
Yarn: Lion Brand Magic Stripes
Notes: One of these socks is not like the other!
I made a mistake on the second pair and cast-on 4 too many stitches. Yeah for me and not taking good notes. Oh well, Heidi can try them on and see if the one is too big. I used the Magic cast-on and increased every row until double the cast-on then continued to increase every other row until 60 stitches (or 64 stitched-I’m such a dork). I did an after-thought heel to keep the striping going through out the whole sock. On the first sock I tried the decreases right on the ends of the needle but I didn’t like the look. I fixed it by doing the decreases one stitch in from the ends. Now I just need Heidi to try them on.

Next Project:
Camo yarnA hat for B