Socktoberfest FOs

I finished two socks during Socktoberfest. Yeah!

PotamtomusPattern: Pomatomus
Yarn: Koigu
Needles: 1.5 US
Notes: I was a little worried about the number of stitches cast on. I would have thought the sock would be too loose. I just forged ahead and it turned out just right. I wasn’t sure how to do the yarn over with a purl stitch next but just winged it, trying different ways each time.
I love the yarn with this pattern. I’m glad I choose this yarn instead of the solid indigo Nature’s Palette in my stash. The variegated yarn works well with this pattern.

Heidi's socksHeidi’s Socks
Pattern: Toe-up with Magic cast-on.
Needle: 1.5 US
Yarn: Lion Brand Magic Stripes
Notes: One of these socks is not like the other!
I made a mistake on the second pair and cast-on 4 too many stitches. Yeah for me and not taking good notes. Oh well, Heidi can try them on and see if the one is too big. I used the Magic cast-on and increased every row until double the cast-on then continued to increase every other row until 60 stitches (or 64 stitched-I’m such a dork). I did an after-thought heel to keep the striping going through out the whole sock. On the first sock I tried the decreases right on the ends of the needle but I didn’t like the look. I fixed it by doing the decreases one stitch in from the ends. Now I just need Heidi to try them on.

Next Project:
Camo yarnA hat for B


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