Must Have Cardigan - The BeginningI started my favorite sweater. The Must Have Cardigan. I fell in love with this sweater years ago and just had to knit it. I bought the yarn with a gift certificate even before I had the pattern. Both the yarn and pattern have been marinting in the stash as I chose other projects to knit. This past week I pulled the yarn out of the stash. After swatching and swatching some more I found the right needle. I searched the internet and Ravelry for tips and tricks. For some reason I chose to knit the sweater in one piece. I’m not sure what I was thinking. It takes so long to knit just one row. I have more markers than I know what to do with. I know once I get further along I’ll be able to remove some of the markers are the pattern starts to unfold. But it is just getting past the beginning that has been the hardest. The sweater has sat untouched for several days and I try to cope with these first rows of the patterns. I keep wondering what I was thinking when I decided to knit it as one piece. I’m just frustrated because I’m not seeing the progress I would if I was knitting it in pieces.

CrochetWhile I sat onthe couch with the MHC just inches away from me I was practicing my crochet. I’m a super beginner and had fun practicing. I’m still not too sure about adding a new color or weaving in the ends. It has been fun practicing but no real projects are in the works yet. Practice makes perfect.


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