Harry Potter bookmark

Harry Potter bookmarkThe bookmark was a birthday present for a friend. She and I have made several trips to the book store to buy the latest Harry Potter. I’m sure we will do the same with the final book. I don’t even want to imagine what will happen in the final book. It has been so long since I read 1-4 that I’ve been thinking about rereading all 6 books before #7 comes out. I started the first book last night. We shall see if I can finish them before I pick up the 7th book.

The bookmark: I started it last fall and have been making slow progress on it since my friend’s b’day isn’t until May. My first round of stripes came out kind of wonky and the transition between the two colors wasn’t very smooth. Although I would love to have my own Harry Potter bookark I don’t think I’ll be making one soon. It took a lot of patience on my part to work with that small tube on tiny needles with some of the thinnest and slipperiest thread/yarn. So as soon as I forget about all the issues I had with the bookmark I’ll make myself one.

Wrap Jacket: In timeout. It has been very very bad.
New Project: Law school Graduation sock for a friend


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