WIP – Wrap Jacket

Pattern: Wrap Jacket from Ella Rae (Book 1) 
Yarn: Phildar Frimas
Color: Quetsche
I’ve finished both fronts and the back.  I worked the fronts together until the neck and shoulder shaping.  It went rather quickly once I decided on a size. Or I’ve just been a mad knitter wanted to get the project done.  I increased the cast on stitches to make it easy to knit the pattern at the bottom of the sweater.  I added enough stitches to make them a multiple of four.  Then decrease those extra stitches just before the shoulder shaping.  I forgot I had added the stitches until it was time to place the pockets.   Oh well.  I decided to take care of it just before the shoulder shaping.
I’ve just started the sleeve.  Again I needed to add a few stitches for it to be a multiple of 4.  I’ll decrease them in the first stockinette row with the other decreases.
I’ve been thinking about the collar and what I should do.  The collar is knitted in pattern in two halves then attached to the neck edge.  I’m thinking about adding a couple extra stitches for a stockinette edge to make it easier attaching the collar.  The Frimas is a very fuzzy yarn and seaming two stockinette edges together will probably be easier than trying to seam the pattern edge.  This is what I’ll ponder as I knit the sleeves.


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